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Online payments represent a key ingredient of most successful collection agencies today. In addition to improving the likelihood of payment, the correct tool can represent a low-cost, highly effective means for driving revenue growth. Ecliptics has combined seamless integrations, robust security, comprehensive compliance features and flexible architecture to produce two potent, highly effective collection tools.

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Client View is a real-time integration for TCS allowing clients to make secure account inquiries, view account and packet-member detail, automatically place new accounts and review a wide array of standard and custom reports. Automated capabilities provide productivity gains for the agency and an improved experience for the client.

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Ecliptics and TCN have joined together to provide a 100% hosted Multi-channel solution, including Dialer, SMS, Email, Ringless Voicemail and IVR functionality. The integration allows agencies to automatically schedule campaigns from TCS, eliminate manual uploads and downloads, and automatically update accounts in TCS in real-time.

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For almost 20 years, we’ve been developing innovative custom programs for clients throughout the US and Canada. Our team of senior programmers has decades of experience working with The Collector System. Our long history in this niche provides a broad understanding of the TCS platform and allows for the rapid creation of effective solutions for the challenges facing the collections industry. Let us put you in contact with colleagues and peers who can speak to our innovative design and high standards for quality and customer service.

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Agencies and clients can now automate the assignment, review and approval of legal action on accounts – all from within Client View*. Expressway™ Legal Assignments functionality streamlines the manual processes needed for obtaining authorization, resulting in a simple, efficient, automated process for clients and agency personnel.
*Legal Assignments automation is available to all Client View users.

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This integration in our Express Pay portal leverages Compass iShare to allow consumers to securely access documents linked to their account. Permission to view documents is agency-configurable and documents will display only if they have been saved and flagged as viewable in the Compass iShare Document application.

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Automating and streamlining manual, ‘high-touch’ processes falls right in our wheelhouse. In fact, it’s one of the driving principles behind our integration and development efforts. In a world of ever-decreasing margins, operational efficiencies leading to cost reductions and higher productivity are paramount.


Ecliptics has an entire team of senior programmers, each with years of experience working with The Collector System. Our long history in this niche has resulted in a breadth and depth of understanding regarding The Collector System platform that allows for the rapid creation of effective solutions for the challenges facing the collections industry.


Clients and consumers of all ages want automated, online applications that are simple to navigate, regardless of which electronic tool they are using: smart phone, tablet or lap-top. Ecliptics’ suite of products achieves this expectation via responsive-design architecture, resulting in a positive, user-friendly experience for the agency’s end-user.


People with common work backgrounds share experiences, vocabulary and understanding in a way that new arrivals can’t. Ecliptics’ Design, Programming and Support Staff have grown up working on The Collector System and have extensive, hands-on experience (a combined 150 years). When communicating your needs related to Support, Integration or Custom Development, rest assured, we speak TCS.

TCS Expertise

Ecliptics, Inc. has an industry leading team of TCS development and integration professionals

Ralph Mason


30 years in Sales, Marketing
and Business Development

Ron Mortensen


30 years TCS Development

Sam Mason


30 years TCS Development

Mark Hardy


20 years TCS Integration
30 Years Web Services Development

Vic Groves

Sr. Programmer

30 years PICK Experience
Including 5 years TCS Development

Gerald Stever

Software Installation Coordinator

Over 20 years of experience working with TCS in software support, installation and training.

Troy Stevens


30 years TCS Development

Steve Ard


30 years TCS Development

Over 30 years of experience in support, development and integration with The Collector System

What Our Clients Say

“Ecliptics’ Express Pay has been a powerful tool, not only to benefit our consumers, but also our staff. Sometimes consumers are apprehensive about communicating with a collection agency, but with Express Pay, they can jump online to review their account, make a payment or set up a payment arrangement all on their own. The icing on the cake is every time a consumer logs in through Express Pay, the account is noted, which gives our staff an opportunity to connect with consumers if they did not make a payment online. Love, love, love this product – it makes us happy.”
 Wendy Anderson
 Visalia, CA
“Great job on the Legal Assignments process through Client View! We went live last Friday and as of today, 45% of all requests sent have been returned already. The clients are finding it extremely easy to navigate."
"Internal processes that used to be handled manually have now all been automated. I’m guessing this is a savings in man hours of probably 5 hours a week generating and processing returned legal authorizations (and this was already an electronic process that was as automated as we could get it). Thanks so much. This is my favorite new product in a long time.”
 Michelle Camp
 Express Recovery Services
"Ecliptics' client access product has excited our clients, enhanced our customer service, and helped to decrease our customer service calls. We are very pleased with their product."
 Carma Farrar
 Action Collection Service
"Ecliptics Client View product is wonderful and we are very happy with it. The seamless integration into the Collector System has allowed us to share our collection data in real time with our Justice Partners in a manner that is completely hands off and self-service. Implementation was very smooth and support is friendly and readily available on the few occasions I’ve needed to call."
 Gregg McWilliams
 Monterey County
"The Ecliptics TCN Hosted Multi-Channel Integration for The Collector System is fantastic. The ease of use versus our previous system, requiring manual uploads and downloads, has made running and maintaining our dialers a breeze. I’ve been able to run my campaigns on time, more frequently and more efficiently, resulting in a greater number of incoming calls for the agency. "
 Heath Morder
 RSI Enterprises, Inc.

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CUBS Users now have a Compliant, Fully Integrated Real-time Multi-channel Campaign and IVR Solution

Please join us to learn more on Wednesday, July 21st, 2021 11:00am-12:00pm Mountain Time.

TCN and Ecliptics have partnered to combine a 100% hosted predictive Dialing, SMS, Voicemail Drop, Email and IVR solution with a seamless integration for The Collector System®. Gain immediate access to world-class services without the cost of hardware dialers or additional staff.

TCN’s world-class cloud-based Multi-Channel services provide:

  • Flexibility to create new agent logins, hunt groups, predictive dialing, Email, SMS and Voice mail drop campaigns in minutes
  • The speed of sub-second connections allowing effective agent response to live voices
  • Manually Approved Calling feature to increase agent productivity and efficiency
  • Maximization of Right Party Contacts and increased inbound customer calls and agent talk time
  • Inbound / Outbound IVR functionality increases payments and optimizes collector efficiency

Ecliptics’ integration for The Collector System® automatically updates accounts in The Collector System with Multi-Channel campaign and IVR results, eliminating manual uploads and downloads:

  • Design and Schedule Dialer, SMS or Email Campaigns directly from The Collector System®
  • Eliminate file manipulation and manual processes
  • Receive real-time results and update Collector System accounts automatically
  • Incorporate Do Not Call functionality for accounts that have already been worked on a given day
  • Automatically update IVR payments to the correct account in The Collector System

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