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Ecliptics Integration Suite™

The Ecliptics Integration Suite (EIS) automates core components of the collections process by providing real-time integrations for The Collector System® across many critical services.


Effective agency management requires the synchronization of human resources with multi-faceted strategies and tools to meet key client and agency objectives.


We invite you to take a look and see whether one of our real-time products can increase your level of efficiency, profitability and client service.

Innovative Payment Solutions

Online payments represent a key ingredient of most successful collection agencies today. In addition to improving the likelihood of payment, the correct tool can represent a low-cost, highly effective means for driving revenue growth.


Ecliptics has combined seamless integrations, robust security, comprehensive compliance features and flexible architecture to produce two potent, highly effective collection tools.


We invite you to explore how our innovative payment solutions can help increase your bottom line.

Custom Programming

For over 15 years, Ecliptics has been developing custom programs for clients nationwide. Let us put you in contact with colleagues and peers who can speak to our innovative design and high standards for quality and customer service.


Ecliptics’ vast experience in this niche and its broad understanding of The Collector System® platform allows for the rapid creation of effective solutions for the challenges facing the collections industry.