Performance Dashboards

Data flows through your system 24/7. With Ecliptics Performance Dashboards, you can easily extract that data and make it immediately available and fully searchable in real-time.

Your Data in Your Hands in Real Time

“You can’t manage what you don’t measure.”
       -- W. Edwards Deming

Put all of your data to work for your company. In any business, daily activity, trends and patterns found in transactional and historical data can help identify risks and highlight opportunities. The insights gained can be used to guide decision making and optimize results.

In addition to providing data analytics in real-time, Ecliptics Performance Dashboards provide powerful tools to help refine and focus the decision-making process.

User-Defined, Interactive Dashboards

Dynamic dashboards driven by your real-time data provide actionable insights into Daily Performance data, Leader Board statistics, Stack Rankings and other organizational programs that can be used by management as a tool to monitor results and to motivate and reward employees. Dashboards are permission based, limiting access to only those individuals or groups granted access.

Customizable Slide Shows

If you are trying to keep management informed or motivate staff on the floor, custom slide shows can be easily created to cycle through dashboards or any web based content for display on individual monitors or on a big screen. Slide shows are permission based, and access can be limited to appropriate individuals based on content

Real-time Monitoring and Notification

If you need to know Who, What, When, Where, How or How Much something happens on your system, let Ecliptics' Performance Dashboards continuously monitor your data. It is unlikely that anyone in your organization has the time to watch your system 24/7, but our dashboard package is more than happy to do so. Real-time email and text alerts will inform you automatically when important KPIs or thresholds have been achieved or, as importantly, if they haven’t.

Flexible and Powerful User Interface

No coding is required to create feature-rich interfaces that provide time-based comparisons and easily comparable bar, line, scatter, pie charts and maps. These views, derived from your domain specific knowledge and expertise, can be easily saved and shared.

Full-Text Searching

Ecliptics Dashboards give you the power of full-text searching to provide you actionable insights in real-time. A powerful query language with support for time ranges, search operators, grouping and field names helps you find the data you are looking for fast and efficiently.

Making Complex Data Simple to Use

Complex document oriented and schema free data can be structured and stored and quickly retrieved. All fields are indexed, organized, and immediately searchable. Ecliptics' Dashboards assemble the information you need so you can analyze and visualize critical data in order to make both operational and strategic decisions.

Fully Scalable

You can start small and grow your data and scale horizontally, as needed. As you need more capacity, simply add additional, self-monitoring data nodes to the cluster to ensure security, accessibility and scalability.