Performance Dashboards

Data flows through your system 24/7. With Ecliptics Performance Dashboards you can easily extract that data and make it immediately available and fully searchable in real-time.

Your Agency’s Data in Real-Time

When speaking to Collections Managers about activity on the floor, most will tell you, “You can’t react to a bad collections day by using yesterday’s data.” Ecliptics Performance Dashboards provide immediate access to today’s critical performance metrics, allowing managers to identify negative trends early and proactively adjust tactics and strategies

User-defined, Interactive Dashboards

Dynamic dashboards driven by your real-time data provide actionable insights into Daily Performance data, Leader Board statistics, Stack Rankings and other agency programs that can be used by management to monitor results and as a tool to motivate and reward employees. Dashboards are permission based, limiting access to only those individuals or groups who are authorized.

Customizable Slide Shows

If you are trying to keep management informed or motivate staff on the floor; custom slide shows can be easily created to cycle through dashboards or any web based content for display on individual monitors or on the big screen. Slide shows are permission based, and access can be limited to authorized individuals based on content.

Automatic, User-defined Alerts

Automatic, user-defined alert notifications allow you to know who, how much, what, where and/or when important events transpire throughout the day. Email and text alerts for actions such as meeting (or not meeting) certain KPIs or collection thresholds can be established, freeing the collections manager and other key personnel from having to physically monitor the data or perform a search for the desired information. Any number of user-defined alerts can be created to keep management apprised of mission-critical events

Compliance and Training

Ecliptics' Performance Dashboards provides a valuable managerial and training tool that tracks and graphs KPIs while documenting collection activity and results. All events are recorded in real-time and are time-stamped to help ensure desired performance and compliance with agency standards.

Optimize Agency Performance

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) drive overall strategy and collector productivity, helping to determine the overall success of your collections activity. Real-time tracking, monitoring and reporting of user-defined KPIs provides actionable information to critical agency personnel:

  • Owners: By accessing high-level data, graphs and charts in real-time, agency owners gain strategic insight that can guide decision making and increase profitability
  • Collections Managers: Access to real-time results allows Collections Managers to immediately identify negative trends and make necessary adjustments throughout the day to improve collector performance and agency results
  • Collectors: Compiling and monitoring KPIs for each agent allows Collections Managers to more effectively manage their team. Strengths and skills can be confirmed, allowing managers to strategically assign placements, while areas needing improvement through coaching and training can be identified to elevate performance