Dialer Campaign Manager


Ecliptics’ Campaign Manager provides complete control of account filtering and campaign creation, preview and scheduling. Combined with a real-time integration into The Collector System™, accounts are automatically updated with call results - eliminating manual uploads, downloads and file manipulation.

Build and Schedule Campaigns in Real-time

Campaigns can be uploaded and scheduled to start automatically at TCN at agency defined times

Create On-Demand Custom Campaigns

  • Apply selection filters, create campaigns and preview accounts prior to upload to TCN
  • Add multiple filters to achieve the level of campaign customization desired
  • Stop, pause or resume campaigns in process

Eliminate the need to use Recall in Campaign Creation

  • Create campaigns via an intuitive web interface
  • Automatically export accounts to be worked with no manual file transfer

Receive Real-time Results and Update Accounts Automatically

  • Through the Ecliptics integration, accounts are automatically updated with call results in virtual real-time
  • TCN result codes can be mapped to Collector System action codes allowing for automatic updates to the Next-Work-Date and Follow-up Priority fields
  • Customized fiscal fields can be set up to show the last TCN result and call date