Client View

Provides your clients real-time, secure access to accounts placed in The Collector System®

Real-time Access

Given the choice between real-time access to today’s account information vs. access limited to yesterday’s data download, how many of your clients would choose yesterday's data? Most clients prefer real-time data when making account inquiries, viewing account and packet-member detail, placing new accounts and reviewing statistical reports? When given the choice, clients overwhelmingly prefer immediate knowledge of payments posted, promises-to-pay, new account notes and other critical events. Crystal clear communication with your clients is critical to your success. Keep them informed and up-to-the-minute with real-time Client View.

  • Client access is limited to authorized accounts and reports
  • Clients can make real-time account inquiries, see account and packet member detail and place new accounts
  • Clients can design and review historical and real-time statistical reports
  • Clients can report direct payments to the agency for posting and reconciliation
  • Clients can be granted the ability to add account notes, which are updated in real-time to The Collector System
  • Authorized users can easily make cross logon inquiries
  • Account data is secured via industry-standard 128-bit SSL encryption technology

Fully Customizable

One size does not fit all. Agency-configurable fields, labels and screen views allow agencies to address the unique needs of their clients who may have different requirements and preferences for reviewing accounts. With Client View, agencies have the ability to:

  • Expand the amount of account information provided to certain clients by creating custom tabs
  • Configure information presented to clients, allowing customization of fields, labels and screen content
  • Customize New Placement Forms, by client, for submission to the agency and automatic upload into TCS
  • Create custom reports to share with clients

Custom Report Designer

Provides clients almost unlimited options to design reports that meet their unique requirements. Whether creating routine or custom reports, your clients will enjoy unsurpassed flexibility

  • Generate custom reports for the client or agency
  • Grant permissions to selected clients to create their own custom reports
  • Choose the fields to include on any report
  • Customize fields, labels and column order; Filter and/or sort reports by any field
  • Access and export CUBS and custom reports

Secure Messaging

Secure Messaging within Client View provides a secure means for agency and client communication:

  • Allows agency and clients to set up authorized users
  • Allows attachments to secure messages
  • Provides auto notification of awaiting messages via email for personnel not logged in to Client View

Automatic Upload of New Placements to TCS

  • New placements entered via the Client View New Placement Form can be automatically uploaded into The Collector System with the click of a button

Eliminate Data Storage Fees

  • Client View provides a secure client interface into The Collector System without the need or expense of data storage fees