Client View

Provide your clients real-time, secure access to accounts placed in The Collector System®

Real-time Access

Research shows that clients overwhelmingly prefer real-time access to their account information, whether reviewing account or packet-member detail or reviewing promises to pay and posted payments. Clear and timely communication with your clients is crucial to your success. Keep them informed and up-to-the-minute with real-time Client View.

Fully Customizable

One size does not fit all. With Client View, agencies have access to standard default templates or the ability to easily configure fields, labels and screen views to address the unique needs of their clients. Some clients need large amounts of account information while others are happy with less. Customize their experience with Client View.

Custom Report Designer

Share custom reports with your clients or provide them almost unlimited options to design reports that meet their unique needs. Whether creating routine or custom reports, your clients will enjoy Client View’s exceptional flexibility

Secure Messaging

Secure Messaging within Client View provides a secure means for agency and client communication. Secure attachments can be included and all users are notified automatically of awaiting messages when not logged into Client View.

Automatic Upload of New Placements to TCS

New placements entered via the Client View New Placement Form can be automatically uploaded into The Collector System with the click of a button

Eliminate Data Storage Fees

Client View provides a secure client interface into The Collector System without the need or expense of data storage fees