Custom Programming

Since our founding in 2002, Ecliptics has been using agile methodologies to build custom solutions that drive tangible business value for the Collections Industry

Custom Software Solutions

Ecliptics is in business to help its customers solve their most challenging software-related problems. For fifteen years, we have accomplished this goal through innovation and development of custom software applications that automate manual processes, increasing the efficiency and productivity of your staff. By leveraging our clients’ extensive business knowledge with our process and technical expertise, Ecliptics can offer cost-effective IT professional services that meet the technology needs of your organization.

Integrations for the Collections Industry

Ecliptics has worked with The Collector System® for more than two decades and has been providing custom solutions to collection agencies for the past fifteen years. As a Columbia Ultimate partner for much of this time, we have built eight major integrations for The Collector System®, dramatically enhancing agency efficiencies by automating manual functions that can be extremely time consuming. Key to our deliverables focus is the development of solutions that multiply productivity while reducing agency resources required for the collection functions.

Custom Programming for the Collections Industry

In addition to providing custom integrations for CUBS clients, Ecliptics has developed dozens of custom programs for agencies nationwide. Ecliptics’ vast experience in this niche and its broad understanding of the CUBS platform allows for the rapid creation of effective solutions to the challenges facing the collections industry. Some of the areas in which we have provided expertise are as follows:

  • Enterprise Applications
  • Real-time Client Access and Report Archival
  • Real-time Payment Solutions
  • Predictive dialing and voice broadcasting integrations
  • Web Services
  • Mobile Interfaces

Need a Proposal?

Contact us today to discuss your project needs and objectives. We will make sure that we understand your goals and will provide a detailed proposal reviewing the work to be performed, estimated timelines and associated costs.