Express Pay

Express Pay™ payment gateway is a 24/7 online payment solution seamlessly integrating consumer payments with accounts in The Collector System®.

Secure Consumer Access

Consumers can view account balance and payment history, as well as securely make single or recurring credit card and electronic check payments. Data fields presented to the consumer are agency-configurable allowing a degree of agency flexibility unavailable in other payment tools.

Express Pay™ Benefits

  • Agency configurable fields for consumer authentication
    • Allows the agency to customize authentication criteria by client
  • Consumer view of historic and real-time account information
    • Provides an accurate, real-time reflection of amounts owed and payment history
  • Agency configurable screen views
    • Allows the agency to define key fields, labels and messages displayed to consumers
  • E-Signature compliance
    • Provides a record of the consumer’s electronic signature for recurring payments
  • Single or recurring payment scheduling
    • Provides flexibility and convenience to the consumer, while providing the agency the ability to forecast future payments
  • Business rules and convenience fee flexibility
    • Allows customization by client, state, payment method or other criteria
  • Real-time credit card authorization
    • Helps accelerate the payment cycle for the agency and assures the consumer that his/her transaction has been processed before that consumer leaves the site
  • Online settlement options
    • Increases the likelihood of greater payment amounts in less time
  • Instant agency notification of consumer payments
    • Allows for rapid posting and reconciliation
  • Secure payment processing without storing credit card numbers
    • Provides enhanced security