Hosted Predictive Dialer


Ecliptics and TCN have joined together to provide a 100% hosted predictive dialer solution that is easy to use and completely eliminates manual uploads and downloads.

Design and Schedule Campaigns Directly from The Collector System®

  • Call campaigns are set up and scheduled from The Collector System™
  • Automatically schedule campaigns built directly from the WIP list
  • Schedule campaigns to automatically start at a specified time
  • Requires minimal staff training for immediate use of Predictive Dialer services

Eliminate Manual File Manipulation

  • Schedule campaigns automatically from within The Collector System
  • Campaign and results file transfers occur automatically in the background via https, eliminating time-consuming manual steps

Real-time Results and Account Updates

  • Campaign statuses can be monitored in real-time as they run on the TCN server
  • Results are automatically downloaded and Collector System accounts are updated regularly until campaign completion
  • TCN result codes can be mapped to Collector System action codes allowing for automatic updates to the Next-Work-Date and Follow-up Priority fields
  • Customized fiscal fields can be set up to show the last TCN result and call date

“Do Not Call” functionality

  • Automatically send “Do Not Call” requests to the TCN server by tracking updates to state, payment status, account status, action code, desk or other collector actions