Hosted Multi-Channel Integration

Ecliptics and TCN have joined together to provide a 100% hosted omni-channel solution including Dialer, SMS, Email, Ringless Voicemail and IVR functionality. Enjoy automation that is easy to use and completely eliminates manual uploads and downloads.

Design and Schedule Campaigns Directly from The Collector System®

  • Campaigns are set up and scheduled from The Collector System™
  • Automatically schedule campaigns built directly from the WIP list
  • Schedule campaigns to automatically start at a specified time
  • Requires minimal staff training for immediate use of multi-channel services

Eliminate Manual File Manipulation

  • Schedule campaigns automatically from within The Collector System
  • Campaign and results file transfers occur automatically in the background via https, eliminating time-consuming manual steps

Real-time Results and Account Updates

  • Campaign statuses can be monitored in real-time as they run on the TCN server
  • Results are automatically downloaded and Collector System accounts are updated regularly until campaign completion
  • TCN result codes can be mapped to agency custom-results map allowing for automatic updates to Next-Work-Date and other fiscal fields
  • Customized fiscal fields can be set up to show the last TCN result and call date

“Do Not Call” functionality

  • Automatically send “Do Not Call” requests to the TCN server for accounts that have been worked on any given day