Report Archiver

Archive and provide secure, online access to all The Collector System® reports and statements, as well as external files you or your clients desire to store. All reports and files are indexed…

Secure Access 24/7

  • Each client has secure access to authorized accounts and reports
  • Clients are restricted from accessing non-authorized accounts
  • Multiple people can access reports simultaneously
  • Clients can instantly access their account reports online from any web browser

Report Archiver is also a valuable tool for agencies, who have access to critical agency reports, such as agency performance, collector performance and daily transactions.

Automatic Client Notifications

  • Automatic notification can be sent via email to each client notifying them when a new report or statement is available.
  • Authorized clients can follow a link embedded in their automatic notification to securely view any archived report online from any web browser.

Customizable Report Outputs

  • Combine text and preprinted forms for any report
  • Define report profiles for custom reports
  • Display reports in industry standard PDF format

Eliminate Hard Copy Report Printing, Mailing and Storage

  • Reduce client dependence on hard copy reports
  • Reduce agency costs associated with report printing, mailing and storage
  • Reduce agency costs associated with electronic data storage fees
  • Reduce agency labor costs associated with client requests for historical reports